Naked News Uncovered: Season 1

Naked News Uncovered: Season 1

Entire first season of Naked News Uncovered, featuring 8 fascinating and outrageous docu-comedy episodes chronicling this scrappy little network,struggling to get 'hot' again. It's The Office meets The Newsroom, except naked! Digital Features not included.

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Naked News Uncovered: Season 1

8 Videos

  • Ep.1 Peter and the Gauntlet

    The owner of Naked News throws down the gauntlet that big changes must be made in order to survive. Meanwhile, a Halloween cooking shoot goes awry when best friends and anchors, Rachelle and Peyton, drink too much champagne

  • Ep.2 Who Screwed Up Halloween?

    Superstorm Sandy hits the Northeast coast, and Naked News' very own Eila Adams reports on it in a bizarre Halloween costume. A new marketing VP arrives to kickstart upgrading the brand and organizes a focus group with unexpected results.

  • EP.3 The Rise and Fall of the Ass-Cam

    Staff are sobered by focus group findings and redouble their efforts. A “butt camera” test shoot yields dubious results, while “frenemies” Rachel and Erica head out into the streets topless to film streeters with a delighted, curious crowd.

  • EP.4 The Girl With the Butterfly Tattoo

    Things get shaken up when the owner demands fresh starts for Naked News on all fronts. Staff are tasked to cover the US election in a fresh way, a new experimental segment is tested, and a potential anchor, with a secret to hide, is auditioned.


    Sparks fly when a former failed staffer returns to Naked News to create a new opening theme, while two writers compete to direct fresh naked segments.


    While Naked News hires a new publicist, producer Lucas must juggle 10 different anchors and their neuroses over beauty and aging, until one anchor unleashes a rage that forces Lucas to make a critical decision.


    Naked News’ new publicist creates a naked stand-up comedy event, but close to show time, not everyone is prepared and a pre-show party leads to mass chaos.


    In the season finale, the staff deals with the aftermath of the mayhem of the stand-up comedy event.